Skill Matrix

Skill Matrix

Skills Management Software for Production Companies

Assess, Track & Manage Employee Skills Easily

Skill Matrix

Skill Transparency

Assign required skills to employees. Get an overview of all the skills of your employees. Identify gaps immediately.

Skill levels and Mentoring

Skill levels range from unskilled to instructor. Each new hire gets a mentor that takes care of her skill development.

Assessment Workflow

Assign one or more employees who approve employee skill advancement. Automatic Assessment Workflow.

Certification Documents

Attach documentation or an assessment certificate to employee skill evaluations that serves as an evidence of assessment performed.

Shop Floor Integration

Assign required skill levels to machines, operations, tools and process parameters. Automatic required to actual skill level comparison before production start.

In-Session Instructor Login

When an employee is not qualified for independent work, an instructor who provides monitoring registers in-session. The information is added to all posted records.

Customers and Partners

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