Shop Floor

Shop Floor

Manage Shop Floor with Confidence

Manage your team's work in one place. Full overview about all ongoing processes in your production.

Shop Floor

Designed for mobile devices

Add tablets to machines and enable operators to add human context to automatically collected data. No more paperback reports and double data entry.

Automated data collection

Automated data collection from your production equipment. Get the data about the production process in the easiest way.

Integrated with WMS

Check material on stock, order material and get notified by Warehouse Management System when it gets delivered.

OEE Performance Reporting

Capture performance data from machines and augment it with comments and causes added by operators.

Job Setup and Changeover tracking

Track actual setup times and report all time beyond the expected setup time.

Skill Matrix integration

Prevent unskilled operators from starting an operation. Prove guidance with in-session instructor login.

Label Printing

Print in-process and packaging labels. Scan packagin to guide production process.

Production and Downtime Reporting

Report downtime reasons. Notify the right person at the right time.

Reject Reporting

Reject & Scrap tracking and classification

Display Production Documentation

Display production documentation related to the current operation. Record document views and prevent operation start without reading the latest document revisions.


Lot and serial number tracking and traceability. Tool and device traceability. Analyze and report your work. Track your production progress in one place

Integrated with other modules

Shop Floor brings all other modules together.

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