Maintenance Management System | CMMS

Maintenance Management System - CMMS

Streamline your maintenance

Increase equipment availability and productivity of maintenance teams

Total Productive Maintenance

Increased equipment availability

Minimized delays, breakdowns and production stops. Reduced asset-related downtime.

Lower maintenance costs

Cut production and operating costs. Save on labor costs. Comprehensive and accurate data on maintenance costs.

Improve KPIs

Lower mean time to repair and improve other KPIs

Standardized Maintenance Procedures

Enables capturing the best practices in maintenance and making them available across organization

Flexible Scheduling

Supports time-based maintenance, operation-time-based maintenance, usage-based maintenance, breakdown maintenance

Spare Part Management

Know what spare pars are on stock and run reports showing usage and re-order data.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain provides transparency and protection of mold usage and maintenance records.


Manage usage and maintenanance of equipment that moves between plants or subcontractors.

Integrated Business Inteligence

Use build-in Business Intelligence Tools to find meaningful insights and make confident decisions.

Customers and Partners

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